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Industrial compressed air production causes a significant burden to the environment, because 5 per cent of the world’s electricity consumption is used to produce industrial compressed air. Industrial companies around the world have acknowledged that our environment can no longer be burdened in the way it currently is. There is a need to find technologies that support sustainable development and climate goals for industrial use, and thus a balance between economic and environmental goals.

Tamturbo is an industrial cleantech growth company that offers a truly ecological and sustainable compressed air production solution, which can significantly reduce the environmental impact of industrial compressed air production.

Our 100 per cent oil-free air compressor is long-lasting, virtually maintenance-free, energy- and material-efficient and completely remotely monitored and controlled. It significantly saves both the environment and our customers’ money, while helping them to move towards circular economy where the circulation of materials and the employed capital can be optimised. It is also possible to implement our compressed air solution as an Air-as-a-Service business model, where our customers only pay for the compressed air produced without investing in the compressor unit itself.

The current industrial compressed air market is very aftermarket driven. The business idea of traditional manufacturers is to build as much business as possible around the service and maintenance of the compressor. The basis of our business model is different, and we want to lead the way in the ongoing technological disruption. Our goal is to change the traditional way of thinking, and to replace currently dominating technology in the industrial medium pressure air compressor market, in the same way that has already happened in the industrial low-pressure market and large chiller applications. Our approach has been very well received by our customers.

We operate in a rapidly growing global market. We have obtained our first international reference customers from large international companies in the food, beverage, paper and electronics industries, and we are in ongoing negotiations with tens of similar potential customers.
Our goal is to continue our strong growth in the medium to long term through a global sales network and strategic partnerships.

Despite the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges to companies around the world, we need to look to the future. In our main market segments, the food and beverage industry and the paper and pulp industry, there is currently no significant decline in demand on the horizon due to the pandemic.

Our current shareholders are committed for the long-term development of our company and with their support we have built a solid foundation for our operations, and we now have an excellent opportunity to start building our growth upon it.

As a Finnish cleantech company manufacturing industrial compressors, we recognize our responsibility and the need for concrete environmental actions. By choosing Tamturbo, you can make a real contribution to a better future for the generations to come.

Timo Pulkki
Chief Executive Officer
Tamturbo Oyj

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