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Technological advances and a sharp growth in automation are increasing the use of compressed air in a wide range of industries. The growth of environmental awareness will increase the use of energy-efficient, sustainable and environmentally less harmful products and clean technologies. The constant rise in energy prices, in turn, increases the need for industries to look for more energy-efficient solutions. Traditional oil-free air compressor technology is obsolete and faces challenges like air impurities, energy inefficiency and rapid wear-and-tear of complex equipment and components, which increases the need for air compressor maintenance and service.

Tamturbo offers its customers around the world a new generation turbo compressor solution for cleaner, more energy-efficient and virtually maintenance-free compressed air production.

Our 100 per cent oil-free air compressor is long-lasting, virtually maintenance-free, energy- and material-efficient and completely remotely monitored and controlled. It significantly saves both the environment and money, while helping our customers move towards sustainability and circular economy where the circulation of materials and the employed capital can be optimised. It is also possible to implement our compressed air solu¬tion as an air-as-a-service business model, called Touch-Free™ Air, where our customers only pay for the compressed air produced without investing in the air compressor unit itself.

Technician remotely monitoring a Tamturbo turbo compressor