Mydibel Group ­and Tamturbo – Belgian Fries Oil-Free!

Sustainable Belgian fries produced with oil-free compressed air

Who doesn’t like Belgian fries!

Mydibel is an innovative family owned company that has been active in the food sector since 1988. They develop, produce and sell potato-based products, including fresh and frozen fries as well as potato specialities and hydrated flakes and granulates. The company processes 2500 tons of potatoes daily into 300,000 tons of finished products a year.

Mydibel green factory sustainability

Mydibel invests in their own brands as well as in private labels and supplies these to several market segments including foodservice, retail and industry. The 100% family-owned company employs 600 people and exports their large product offering globally to 120 countries. Innovation, client-orientation, willingness to listen, speed, flexibility and permanent investments are Mydibel’s driving forces.

Mr. Roger Mylle started the company and produced the first Mydibel fries in 1988.

After 10 years of growth the product offering was expanded to include Kroketjes, Noisettes, Duchesses en Röstis. The demand for processed potatoes and its side products has fueled this growth.

Gramybel was founded in 2002 to produce potato granules and flakes. All ‘waste’ coming from the production site is reused!

The Green Factory 

Care for the environment is One of Mydibel’s priorities. Based on the philosophy of sustainability, or, in other words, Mydibel’s “Green Factory” philosophy, the company installed the first biogas engine in 2006 to produce green energy. In the bio fermentation plant, biogas and digestate are generated through the fermentation of starch rich “waste” products from the production (e.g., peels and flakes). Biogas is converted into green energy and the residue is centrifuged to which lime is added for creating a valuable agricultural fertiliser called Myfert. This organic fertilizer offers an efficient, ecological alternative to the chemical variants available on the market today. This fertiliser then fuels good growth of potatoes and voilà – new fries are coming.

Additionally, thanks to the plant, Mydibel can recuperate their heat and water and generate their own electricity!

You probably didn’t expect that from a potato!


Tamturbo, founded in Finland 2010 around the founding idea that the world needs a more environmentally friendly alternative to producing compressed air. We cannot continue wasting our most valuable resources, energy and environment. Tamturbo’s unique technological advances combined with ingenious engineering work have brought to life a range of oil-free air compressors that far surpasses the legacy industrial air compressor technologies both in performance and in significantly lower life cycle cost. Tamturbo’s Touch-Free™ Technology enables reliable and completely Oil-Free air compressor design and eliminates risks of compressed air contamination and provides exactly what is needed – Just Air.

Both companies thus have a significant interest in sustainability.

With the decision to build the new Mydibel fresh plant Mydibel also had an increased air requirement. In the Food and Beverage industry only the most stringent technologies are considered. ISO 8573-1 Class 1.2.1 is required, which means that particle sizes, pressure dew point and oil content should be limited according to their respective limits in their classes.

Because of this increased air requirement, we implemented a Tamturbo TT185 in the installation.

Both factories, Mydibel Fresh and Grammybel are linked with complete redundancy! Converting an installation from technically Oil-Free to a complete Oil-Free solution is always a big deal.

Oil-filters, oil, contaminated water from the drains are now a thing of the past!

Our Tamturbo TT185 is a high speed VSD centrifugal compressor that has some significant advantages:

  • Zero oil – unlike older technologies, Tamturbo is also completely free of oil!
  • Very fast fluctuations in the required flow can be immediately compensated by our dual variable speed PID controlled high-speed permanent magnet motors!
  • Our magnetic bearings reduce the friction to zero in the rotating core components! The result is very high energy efficiency!

Tamturbo turbo compressors at Mydibel site

This marks the beginning of a strong partnership with a common vision of sustainability and of green factories!

Belgian Fries, Oil-Free!

For more information, please contact Brecht Vanlee, Tamturbo Area Director West Europe & Asia.
tel. +32 477 743 737