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Find out how much you could save using Tamturbo Touch-Free air compressors compared to similar oil-free dry screw devices or lubricated screw devices.

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Estimated annual savings in compressed air costs:

1 €/Year

The estimate is based on 15-year lifecycle costs including investment, energy and maintenance, assumes that there will be no drastic changes in energy costs etc. There are savings in indirect costs which are not considered in this calculation.

Annual operating costs

What makes the difference?

Basic overhaul

Due to complex structure and component wear, the efficiency of an oil-free screw deteriorates rapidly. This increases the energy consumption and the need for service.


Compared to traditional compressor technology, Tamturbo turbo compressor saves 20–30 % in electricity and maintenance costs during its life cycle.

Flexible financing

We got you covered no matter how you do your business. With the leasing model, you pay periodically just one fixed amount of your compressed air solution, covering everything except for the electricity. You don’t have be prepared for unexpected costs and can invest your capital to support your core business. There are no surprises.

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