Tamturbo turbo compressors company story

Tamturbo was started in 2010 around the founding idea that the world needs a more environmentally friendly alternative to producing compressed air – we cannot continue wasting our most valuable resources, energy and environment. Our unique technological advances combined with ingenious engineering work have brought to life a range of oil-free air compressors that far surpasses the legacy industrial air compressor technologies both in performance and in significantly lower life cycle cost. Our Touch-Free™ technology enables reliable and fully Oil-Free air compressor design and eliminates risks of compressed air contamination. In the end, we provide exactly what is needed – Just Air.

Born in one of the air compressor capitals of the world, Tampere Finland, Tamturbo is expanding its footprint globally through distributors and partners. The turbo compressor product family is complemented by a range of value adding products and services for efficient management of the compressed air production. From mobile container-based air compressor rooms to multi-compressor control systems to 24/7 remote monitoring and air compressor service so that our partners and customers can feel Care-Free knowing that we have their compressed air production secured!

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Tamturbo’s roots lie deep in the Tampere region

Since the sixties, Tampere region in Finland has been the birthplace of several air compressor innovations – many of which involved Kimmo Laine, the grand old man of air compressor technology and co-founder of Tamturbo. Together with Jaakko Säiläkivi, a world-renowned guru in high-speed technology, they shared a vision of an oil-free future. For that they founded Tamturbo in 2010.

The future looks bright for Tamturbo’s award-winning turbo compressor technology.

Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB) – history and new beginnings

The concept of Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB) was developed in the 1930’s. One of the first applications it was used in was uranium enriching centrifuges in the 1940’s. The first commercial applications were launched in 1976. Nowadays you can find this technology in Maglev (magnetic levitation) trains, submarines, space shuttles and hundreds of thousands other applications. In this simple technology, controlling plays a crucial role. Tamturbo’s know-how enables using it as a core element of Tamturbo® Touch-Free™ Technology.

The high-speed turbo compressors produce oil-free compressed air, and, uniquely, the entire compressor is fully oil-free. There is no risk of contaminating the compressed air, and the Tamturbo turbo compressor technology makes it possible to give up on oil altogether. Our customers do not need to worry about oil in compressed air contaminating their end products or the air their employees breathe. They can also forget about oil changes, handling oily condensation water or disposing of waste oil.

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