Whether it is high efficiency, reliability, cost or energy savings you are looking for, our compressors meet your needs. As all our compressors are 100% oil-free, we satisfy the quality requirements of all customers who want to eliminate the risks of contaminated air. We’re the natural fit for industries with 0% tolerance for any oil contamination, such as Food & Beverage, Electronics, Chemical, Automotive, Textile, Printing, etc.

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Food and beverages

Clean, oil-free compressed air is important in many industries but nowhere is it as critical as in food and beverage processing. Air is used from powering pneumatic cylinders and actuators, moving food materials and processing the ingredients to pneumatic sorting of produce.

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Pulp and paper

In continuous manufacturing process, like pulp and paper manufacturing, high level accuracy demands high level of reliability and maintenance predictability for machines and equipment.

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Pharmaceutical and medical

By their very nature the pharmaceutical and medical industries need 100% oil-free and sustainable compressed air production, both from the end product and process quality point of view.

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The automotive industry uses vast amounts of compressed air, both in the component production as well as automotive assembly plants.

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The electronics and semiconductor industries, with ever increasing density of electronic components and finer and finer physical details is a traditional user of oil-free air.

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Typical large textile process uses large quantities of air in different phases of the process. As the air is in direct contact with the end product, the risk of air contaminants (oil, silicone, PTFE) typically found in “oil-free” dry screw compressors cannot be tolerated.

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As the manufacturing industries are becoming more and more automated, the need for oil-free compressed air is becoming more and more prevailing.

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