Career opportunities

Join the Tamturbo turbo compressor team

At Tamturbo, we practically live and breathe compressed air. Our team has a comprehensive range of talent from different fields of airpower from centrifugal compressor design and compressor engineering to air compressor service and optimization. Do you want to be at the cutting edge of air compressor technology and exceed yourself over and over again in search for excellence? Join the Tamturbo turbo technology team and the oil-free revolution in industrial compressed air!

We are currently looking for:

Summer workers for:

Production: compressor assembly, purchasing activities, warehouse activities, supervisor and team management

Service: data analysis, documentation

You are interested in learning new things, you may have knowledge of the use of basic hand tools, and experience in using basic IT tools like Excel and Word. Depending on your tasks, you will be trained and introduced to the use of necessary tools like our ERP system Odoo, PLM system Aras and cloud software tools like Grafana.