Where is the money?

10% of all industrial electricity consumption is used to produce compressed air

it is 5% of world total electricity consumption

Already over 30% of total global compressor market is oil-free and it is growing fast.

Reduce you energy consumption more than 15%

  • Superior energy efficiency
  • No mechanical contact means no wear in turbo impeller. Efficiency does not deteriorate during the lifecycle
  • Minimum unload power consumption
  • Latest turbo compressor and high-speed motor technology
  • No gears means less energy losses – direct drive from motor to turbo impeller
  • No need for air filtering
  • Energy recovery available
  • Innovative capacity control extends the efficient control range tens of percentage points

Cost savings in service and maintenance

  • Very few components
  • High-speed motor is equipped with active magnetic bearings. It means no wear and almost infinite lifetime without maintenance.

Less waste treatment

  • Totally oil-free air
  • No oil waste
  • No oil filter waste
  • No wearing parts

Simplified transportation and logistics

  • A compact product is easier to transport

Less floor space needed

  • Compact size frees up space

Easier on the environment

  • Supreme energy efficiency
  • Pure oil-free compressed air
  • No Oil or Oil filter waste
  • No wearing parts waste
  • Oil-free operation extends life time of the equipment using compressed air
  • Oil-free design means longer lifetime for adsorption dryer